Coffee Break

The news has me frustrated and anxious. The immovable certain of many that every black person in MD was looting a CVS, that Mr. Gray deserved an unpleasant death because he had drug arrests, or that “lib’ruls” are claiming he was an angel...just no. The intractable stupidity and ignorance of people who refuse to look…


I see this almost daily. None of the parents I work with have assets or income. Yet any number have been threatened with jail. Many have had drivers’ licenses pulled. Ever try, in an area where the grocery store is 30 miles away, to get and keep a job without a license?



The family dinner. The time when I get to hear how my boss is probably one of those gays with no one who loves him because we don't have Good Friday off. And how gays are all pedophiles. And how Obama hates America. And how all black people are on welfare and gaming the system.