Maybe I should write HamNo or Socca or someone and pitch my skills as a legal expert. I'm sure I have some, somewhere. I mean, I do have a JD and a license to practice in one state.

That's nothing to do with anything, just like this blogging. I was recently speaking to a lawyer who was relating an issue and it piqued my interest, so I wanted to address it briefly before I forgot.

Lawyer had just been fired by client for being "too friendly" and/or "in cahoots" with Opposing Lawyer.


Now, this may vary where you live. I know in some larger locales, where you may see a particular lawyer once per lifetime, common practice can be to arrive with torches aflame and bridge abutments already smoldering. And even in small areas, there are jerks who are always this way and nice guys who occasionally have to draw a hard line.

But mostly? Law is generally practiced in niches. I'm going to almost exclusively see the bankruptcy folks, the eviction guys, the collection ghouls, the custody ladies or the estates mavens depending on my own practice. There's overlap, even in small communities, but even then it's seeing the same people in different roles because of the numbers.

So...point being. There are lawyers I like. Lawyers I dislike. Lawyers I will not take a case to avoid. Lawyers I know I can resolve a case with a phone call.


In my experience, lawyers nobody likes aren't going to be nearly effective as a lawyer people respect. And respect usually includes social pleasantness.

Can a lawyer not press hard enough, mishandle a case or not represent zealously? Certainly. And that's cause to change lawyers.

But if you threaten to fire your lawyer because she says hello to opposing counsel by first name, proving she's not fully representing you and is actively working against you via a "Good morning, John" then you don't need another lawyer. Your lawyer needs another client.